Nokkon Ambassador Chris Wright

chris blog last revOur latest addition to the Nokkon ambassador team is Chris Wright. Chris allocates his training time to ensure he trains socially and supports anyone interested in making a positive lifestyle change. With Chris on board as an Nokkon ambassador we hope to help resource him with the tools he needs to continue to help and encourage others in making choices that will improve their quality of life.

Nokkon: What is your lifestyle like?

Chris: In a word “Hectic”. Between family, friends, training, travel and work commitments there isn’t too much time left. I try as best as i can to make sure i am balanced between them.

Nokkon: What activities/interests in the health and wellbeing sector do you have?

racebox3Chris: At the moment I am interested in running, weights, and endurance sports. I am just starting to learn about nutrition, but have a long way to go. I also love to get out on the bike (can’t ride to save my life), and pretty much any board sport going.

Nokkon: What got you interested in health/wellbeing?

Chris: I work in health and safety so that is what probably sparked my initial interest. It was a case of practice what you preach. Specifically I had some work mates on my Fly in Fly out jobs that took the time to teach me to train in running, weights and nutrition.

Nokkon: What benefits have you found in your active lifestyle?

Chris: A greater quality of life, helped me quit smoking and alcoholism, health improvement, weight loss, muscle gain, sick less, calmer, increased mental resolve and more rational, more positive outlook, greater work focus, improved sleep patterns, endurance to play with my energetic son, more strength and endurance in board sports, meeting and training with amazing people and seeing friends and family hit their health goals.

Nokkon: Who are your inspirations?

racebox2Chris: Anyone willing to push past their comfort zones and boundaries. Those people doing it tough to make positive health changes in their lives. The people out there who have made the decision to change and are giving it red hot go. That is truly inspiring to see when you see them out running busting their guts.

Nokkon: How do you ensure you positively influence others?

Chris: I try ensure I never get to self involved. I prioritise to ensure I keep training with others and at all opportunities help and support those wanting to start fitness. Getting out there with them regularly, being positive and encourage them through the difficult stages of developing a training routine. I remember how hard it was starting out and if it wasn’t for those who helped me I probably would of given up.

Nokkon: Do you have memorable health highlight for yourself? 

raceboxChris: Wow so many. Any training done with friends. It was great to hit the 10km run for the first time. My training partner told me that once you get to 10km it is all in your head from then on. It was so true and was extremely liberating to think “what now” after that.  So from that point on I ensure i regularly do at least 10km runs to ensure I am race and marathon ready at any point. Also weight training with my work mates on a Queensland job. It was so much fun and everyone got into it and had a laugh and i learnt a lot.

Nokkon: And one for someone you have helped?

Chris: Any persons PB that you are there for is always a buzz. Running alongside friends when they do their first half marathon distance is rewarding because seeing them achieve something they didn’t think was previously possible is freaking awesome!

Nokkon: Your slogan or moto when it gets tough?

Chris: #10is10.

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