Nokkon Ambassador Rory Wooster

rory-ambassWe are absolutely over the moon to have Rory Wooster join our Ambassador team. We have mentioned Rory previously during his encouragement during his mother and fathers first triathlon. Rory is now a ball of energy, positivity and tackles challenges with a smile. He made some major changes to his lifestyle, to take control of his health. He has now positively influenced and encouraged his family to be involved in endurance racing and has a family of triathletes attending and racing in Queensland events. Rory’s daughter Lyla, raced here first triathlon this weekend (first out of the swim). We look forward of being part of Rory’s journey as he continues to be a leader in community health contribution #thenokkoneffect.
Nokkon: What is your lifestyle like?

Rory: I live on the Sunshine Coast, in QLD, so it’s easy to have a great lifestyle. Work keeps me pretty busy and I travel a lot but when I’m not working I love outdoor activities with my family.Nokkon: What activities/interests in the health and wellbeing sector do you have?

Rory: I’m interested in Triathlons, currently competing in the Bribie Island Tri Series. I also love surfing and scuba diving.

Nokkon: What got you interested in health/wellbeing?

13534476_1689230041406935_8960194879250497536_nRory: I reached a point in my life where I was obese, unfit and my confidence was low. I realised that it wasn’t the way I wanted to live my life and made a conscious effort to change.

Nokkon: What benefits have you found in your active lifestyle?

Rory: Having an active lifestyle has made a huge difference in so many areas of my life. I feel great, I’m much happier, my confidence has grown and I have lots more energy. It’s also had a positive influence on family and friends.

Nokkon: Who are your inspirations?

Rory: My kids are my biggest inspiration, Lyla (8) and Siena (5). I want them to grow up seeing a healthy and active lifestyle as a normal part of life. Chris Melton, fellow ambassador, has been a great inspiration in helping me push my fitness to the next level.

Nokkon: What are your health goals?

Rory: My next major health goal is completing the Mooloolaba Triathlon, olympic distance, in March. I’m also looking to have more of a positive influence on the health and fitness of the Sunshine Coast Community.

Nokkon: How do you ensure you balance your training to include positively influencing others?

Rory: Training for multi-sport events can be quite challenging to dedicate enough time to each sport. I try and incorporate my family into my training. My kids do swim squad training 3 times a week, so I’ll jump in the pool with them for my swim training. They ride their bikes about the same pace that I run so I’ll often bring them and dog along with me. I’ll try and ride with my parents and wife whenever possible.

Nokkon: Do you have a memorable health highlight for yourself?

Completing Tough Mudder earlier this year was definitely a highlight. It was really satisfying experience and helped to inspire me to get involved in triathlons.

Nokkon: Do you have a memorable health highlights for someone else you have been involved with?

Rory: Having my wife and parents all sign up to do the Bribie Island Tri Series together was great. We have completed one triathlon, three to go.

Nokkon: Your slogan or moto that keeps you motivated

 Rory: Outside of you comfort zone is where the magic happens.
Nokkon: Thanks for your time Rory. You have done some great work already. We will do our best to help you spread #thenokkoneffect. Welcome to the team. Now let’s #GETITDONE!

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