Nokkon Ambassador Sarah Penny

spcentTake the time to meet our latest nokkon Ambassador Sarah Penny. We are proud as punch to have her join our team of inspirational ambassadors. Her selfless, health values align perfectly with ours, and we are aiming to work together to positively influence the health, support, reward and recognise as many people as possible. Sarah’s triathlon training on the bike, in the pool and on the run is a quite the workload, however she makes time for group training, and to be a part of others health journey, a true ambassador of #thenokkoneffect.

Nokkon: What is your lifestyle like?

Sarah: Active and everything in between, I’m a SAWS teacher (swimming and water safety) couldn’t ask for a better work environment, it’s rewarding to help assist children and adults to be water confident. Balancing work and training for my first endurance race Hervey Bay 100 with two boys can be challenging and chaotic though we manage, often I’m up before the sun to get training done before school and work take over, absolutely love my Sunday’s it’s down time shared with the important persons in my life

smallNokkon: What activities/interests in the health and wellbeing sector do you have?

Sarah: My main interest is the long course triathlons. It’s over coming and fighting the mental and physical side of things that have the greatest appeal. It’s a personal challenge for myself to push the limits. Life often throws challenges at us and we can adapt, grow and learn from them. I hope that long course endurance triathlons will help with my ability to face what ever comes my way in life.

Nokkon: What got you interested in health/wellbeing?

Sarah: It’s always been in the family. We’ve grown up with active, healthy lifestyles especially being a country girl, you had to make your own fun on 10 acres. For me, the last 18 months of training have made the biggest positive impact on my life.

Nokkon: What benefits have you found in your active lifestyle?

Sarah: I’m happier, healthier and more energetic not only in physical but in overall, holistic health. I’ve made some pretty amazing friends and team mates along the way, being active gives the social side of things a good excuse for coffee/breakfast catch ups, what you learn about yourself over time is a skill that can be used in every day doings.

img_20160818_0903392ndNokkon: Who are your inspirations?

Sarah: I don’t have one specific person that inspires me. I do have a fair few that I admire and have a lot of respect for, all different reasons and abilities, from ultra runners to triathletes current and training, to those who are just starting out and giving it there all, if you have the motivation and dedication your already inspiring someone out there to be the best they can be.

Nokkon: How do you ensure you balance your training to include positively influencing others?

Sarah: I’m fortunate and thankful that I’m surrounded by other positive people, in which I can bounce off and return the influence, the Standing Start Triathlon team; and varying different runners I run with, I find myself helping others reach their own goals either pacing, chasing a PB, reaching a milestone distance or being available to train with where I can while they train for their own goals.

img_20161001_203041Nokkon: Do you have a memorable health highlight for yourself?

Sarah: Most memorable to date would be the Townsville running festival 10km, coming in at 51:40, I was aiming for a sub 50 10km which had a been a year in the making to the date, it was the toughest enduring run/race I’ve ever experienced, my body was so depleted of oxygen due to the density of the air, I pushed my body beyond any limits I previously thought I had to come away with 17th placing in age and threw up as I crossed the finished line. swim Noosa my first open water swim would closely follow.

Nokkon: Do you have a memorable health highlights for someone else you have been involved with?

Sarah: Definitely I have a few but the stand out ones, would be helping a good friend of mine be more confident in her running ability to achieve a personal goal of 5km sub 35min, to some it’s not much but to her it was everything.
At GCAM this year I was a pacer and support for a another friend at her first half marathon (21.1km) over 6mths we trained with health issues arising for her that made training not ideal, on the day she had a goal time of 2hrs 18 and we came in at 2hrs 11mins, it’s not every day you give your own goals both training PB wise away for someone else but being apart of her journey and the friendship we have built will never be broken.

img_20161001_202025Nokkon: Your slogan or moto that keeps you motivated?

Sarah: Embrace the suck!! And magic happens.

Nokkon: Thanks for your time Sarah. We are looking forward to seeing what the future holds for us and seeing you reach your goals and help others reach theirs.

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