Nokkon Ambassador Shaun Moore

We are lucky to announce Shaun Moore as our latest Nokkon ambassador. Shaun is a passionate runner residing in Melbourne. He is studying to be a paramedic and when he isn’t out training for 100km endurance races or pushing his personal goals, he is volunteering and selflessly contributing to the running community. Shaun always has a positive attitude and thrives on getting others motivated with running and health. He helps to encourage others to get out of their comfort zone and is truly living proof of #thenokkoneffect. We are excited to help resource Shaun on his health journey and play a supportive role in his ongoing positive health influence.

Nokkon: What is your lifestyle like?10903392_1345374955476536_1546212666_n

Shaun: My lifestyle is a constant juggling act trying to balance my studies, work, personal life along with squeezing in my training where possible. I find it works best if I have a weekly plan, and work out each week so that I can fit everything in. Along with having important down time with my partner and friends.

Nokkon: What activities/interests in the health and wellbeing sector do you have?

Shaun: My main interests in health and wellbeing at the moment are ultra running and the abilities we have to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones. As this is the quickest way we can grow in any part of our lives.

IMG_1228Nokkon: What got you interested in health/wellbeing?

Shaun: I’ve always been interested in health and wellbeing to some extent. Though over the last couple of years, I have surprised myself with the huge inroads I’ve made with my running results both distance and time based.

Nokkon: What benefits have you found in your active lifestyle?

Shaun: I’ve found that improving my fitness and running has also led me to realise that we can use that same focus in everything we do. Whether it be towards work, side projects or just your general outlook on life.

13707211_1176114619119093_261721950_nNokkon: Who are your inspirations?

Shaun: My main inspirations are watching those I know achieve goals which they once believed were pipe dreams. It’s incredibly inspiring to see a friend step into the unknown where they may fail. Where there is a chance to fail, in that same moment there will be a chance for you to open new doors and possibilities.

Nokkon: How do you ensure you balance your training to include positively influencing others?

Shaun: I’m lucky with my training as I’m apart of several different running groups. Such as my track sessions with NRG Lab and trail runs with Lysterfield Trail Runners. This allows me to get to know a wide range of runners across all abilities. From this I somehow always manage to find myself either helping others by organising training runs or even running as a pacer in specific events. 

Nokkon: Do you have memorable health highlight for yourself? 

Shaun: My whole life I’ve been fit and healthy, but running is the one thing I’ve gained the most from. As with running you can’t cheat, it’s that simple. If you train and put the hours in the results will come. So I’d say my most memorable moment for me, would be last year when I ran my first Ultra after thinking previously that even a marathon wouldn’t be for me.

13642908_646624325489517_632935877_nNokkon: And one for someone you have helped?

Shaun: This one is in the making, I’m currently helping a friend to run his first marathon in October at Melbourne Marathon. Signing up for an event and achievement like this is the hardest part. So if you keep doubting yourself, sometimes you just have to sign up for the unknown.

Nokkon: Your slogan or moto when it gets tough?

Shaun: “moore running, moore reward”

With running you can’t hide, so train hard, dream big and the results will come.

3 thoughts on “Nokkon Ambassador Shaun Moore

  1. Shaun is an excellent choice as Nikon’s ambassador. Always approachable and very supportive and is a very passionate runner.

    1. Sorry. I meant Nokkon, not Nikon.

      1. That’s ok Joe 😃. Thank you for your feedback we are extremely lucky to have him on board 👏👏. We totally agree with you. Those great attributes he possess are what we were forged on. We look forward to seeing him continue to push himself and positively influence others. We plan on resourcing him along the way to help get the best reach and results #thenokkoneffect.

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