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  • Is missing your goals making you a better runner?

    After a weekend of very active runners with mixed personal results, we asked the #Getitdone Club companions for their thought’s on not achieving personal running goals; Chris Wr, Nokkon Ambassador– Contrary to what instagram suggests, It happens every single day to almost everyone. Is it unrealistic to think we will hit our goals every time? and if we […]

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  • 14 ways to build an unstoppable endurance mind game

    “It’s all in the mind….” Is a common response from an endurance athlete when faced with the question “How do you it?”. How do you keep going for so long? How do you not give up? How do you not overcome exhaustion, pain and fear? How do you accelerate to the finish line? There are all […]

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  • Go Run Australia- Does your running benefit the other people in your life?

          We are extremely lucky to know and work with some amazing health businesses. When you share common goals, approaches, ideologies and values, then collaboration and co-operation always delivers great results. Running coaches Enfer Running and Go Run Australia have supported nokkon with blog contributions, putting our ambassadors through training sessions and runs, providing coaching […]

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  • 14 ways to say goodbye to runners plateau

    It is easy to find yourself in a performance rut where you just can’t push past a certain point in speed, distance or cadence. Progression in running and training can be just as frustrating as it is rewarding. When we started researching runners plateau,  it sent us down a rabbit hole.  We found out that whether you […]

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  • Goal setting: 5 simple rules

    We have been trawling the internet and came across a great article on practical goal setting. Goal setting is an important part of helping us make ongoing positive health lifestyle changes, so here’s a few tips from the guys at to help us along on our heath journeys. “If you want to succeed, you […]

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  • self motivation: keeping the momentum

    Its one thing to help others on their health journey but at some point we have to become self sufficient and motivate ourselves to continue with our healthy choices. For many this is a stumbling point and can be a difficult transition. To help we have done some research and found a great article (8 […]

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  • Helping others: The delicate art of motivation

    The nokkon effect is an ideology where we selflessly share our health and wellbeing knowledge, experience and time with others. We dedicate and allocate our time to helping, supporting, motivating and encouraging others on their health and wellbeing journey. Whether it is regularly turning up for training sessions, sharing nutrition books and information or just taking […]

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