#challengechooseday – Evolutio Altitude mask for a full working day

We are extremely lucky to work with an amazing group of inspirational people. Our amazing ambassadors, customers, club attendees, partners and businesses share the common goal of valuing and contributing to their own and others/community health.

Working with likeminded diverse and innovative health businesses allows us to create community health contributions of real value. There is so much more to our health and performance than simply working out and training the same program, plans and exercises. By having a tight network of likeminded businesses we can deliver holistic health focussed services to the community that incorporate health aspects including: mind, body, soul, community, environment, strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, mobility, recovery and nutrition.

To show how we can work on our weak points and outside our comfort zones we have developed the “Challenge Cape” where our health businesses challenge each other to work on areas of their health they may avoid or neglect. ¬†Every time one of our team accepts a challenge we add their logo to the challenge cape.

Our first challenge has been to challenge the Physio team at Evolutio to wear an oxygen restriction altitude mask set at Mt Kilimanjaro Elevation (5800m above sea level) for a full working day. They have set the date for next Friday. So keep a close eye on their social media to see how Alex handles getting outside his comfort zone. You can check out the video below showing our Ambassador Chris W running the mask and challenge cape out to the team at Evolutio. Best of luck on the Challenge team


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