Corporate Run Coaching

Could your employees run a marathon? We can make it a reality for them. Is your business experiencing issues with:

-employee retention

-bullying and harassment

-sick leave and employee attendance rates

-employee “buy in”, motivation and commitment

-team building

-personality clashes

It’s no secret a healthy worker is a happy worker. Workplace health and wellbeing initiatives display companies commitment to developing healthy, happy employees. Getting the most out of your employees begins with caring for their wellbeing. When an employee feels valued you can expect a long term, motivated employee, willing to work hard and perform for their company.

Workplace health and wellbeing initiatives usually include services like Lifeline, Mates in Construction, Beyond Blue. These are excellent services as part of an overall wellbeing plan, however most of these provide support to those already struggling with health issues. Running is a preventative and maintenance health and wellbeing initiative that can help individuals build confidence, release stressors, connect with others and help prevent individuals needing to access those post health issue development services.

Quality, progressive, successful companies are investing into the health and wellbeing of their employees through innovative health and wellbeing programs.

One of the most practical and achievable sports and fitness activities is running. All you need is a pair of shoes and some support and guidance by professional, trained, passionate running coaches.


Nokkon is now delivering corporate run coaching services. We can tailor corporate run groups/clubs for your business with qualified experienced run coaches leading run and health sessions from the door of your workplace. We can help support your employees through the personal growth process of achieving their running goals from 1km to ultra marathons.

Our corporate run coaching programs can help improve performance in the following areas:


Our corporate run coaching services include:

-Daily run coach lead structured run sessions. These tailored sessions are developed by our experienced qualified run coaches to challenge and progress the performance and health of your people.

-1 on 1 individual in run technique coaching.

-Team building tailored run sessions.

-Specific goal programs e.g. long term tailored training sessions for a specific race.

-Holistic health focussed sessions (running, mobility, technique, movement, breathing, mindfulness, mental approach and resolve)

-Regular fitness test sessions to measure employees performance improvements.

-Inclusive, supportive environment.

-Corporate team building trail running day trips.

(pricing depends on numbers, please contact us)