Bicycle Security: Think like a thief

bike5Our bikes have become essential parts of our training, commuting and lives. We often ditch the car and take preference to our bikes so we can get the most out of training with the limited amount of time we have in our busy lives.

bike1Regardless of whether you have a cruiser, racing bike, TT, commuter or a mountain bike, If it gets stolen it’s going to be costly exercise to replace and probably an inconvenience too. In this post we have researched to find some bicycle security strategies to help us beat the thieves.

Here are some of the most common tools used by bike thieves, all which can fit in a backpack:
One article spoke to an ex bike thief who said:

“Even if there is cameras they don’t care. For me the best place is to leave your bike is a place where there are people around.”

But even the busiest streets empty out eventually, so if Aziz really wanted a particular bike he would damage a tyre so the owner would leave it in the rack for longer. “Someone, if they find their tyre punctured they should take their bike with them, right at that minute because someone has done it on purpose to come and take it after.”

bike3With so many opportunistic thieves around, it can be risky leaving our beloved 2-wheeled chariots anywhere…even locked. All is not lost though.

This article by, where they gives us the information on how bike thieves think and the tools they use to get to our precious Raleigh 10 speeds. Check out the article here Who is trying to Steal your Bike.

In our tech savvy world, we now have options such as bicycle GPS trackers and smart locks. On this site you can find a range of different tech options to help ensure your bicycle’s security.bike2

By making a few changes to how you secure your bike, you could save yourself needed replacement dollars and a walk home.

Happy riding


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