Can I try nokkon coaching to see if it is right for me?

Yes. Our nokkon coaches volunteer to deliver the free, holistic health running sessions for#getitdone club  (Facebook and Instagram). Here they 1 on 1 coach and deliver tailored group run sessions. Our coaches use various tools and techniques to help ensure you develop and grow in your running. At the #Getitdone sessions you can soak up the information or switch your mind off and just do what coach says. Come down and check out a session to see if our coaches are the right fit for you.

When would I benefit from a run coach?

Everyone can benefit from a run coach. From entry level walkers to competitive athletes. A fresh set of professional eyes to review, oversee, support and plan can make training and goal accomplishment much more achievable.

Frequent situations where run coaching may be beneficial include:

-to achieve race and performance goals

-help motivate you with your running

-add accountability to your training and health

-to challenge yourself but unsure about realistic goals

-need a flexible, tailored plan to reach your goals

-unsure how to progress

-have a history of injury

-would like to change movement

Why nokkon run coaching?

Our accredited nokkon run coaches have a broad and varied body of experience. Their areas of expertise include health and wellbeing, training and assessing, personal training, running and movement technique,  strength and mobility, triathlons, trail running, running connection, breathing strategies, injury prevention and management.

Through consultation with our network of holistic health companies and partners allows us to develop industry leading plans, programs and training.

We use a variety of training tools, techniques to help with your run progression, performance and running engagement.

Running is a great “do anywhere” health tool. Not only to build a healthier body but to contribute to a healthy mental state and release daily stressors.

We focus on making the most our of your running including;

-walking to running transitioning

-plateau progression

-social connection and inclusion

-reaching your goals

-personal growth

-enjoying and connecting with your running

-increasing performance