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nokkon is always looking to team up with likeminded businesses to bring value to our people. If your business values align with nokkon‘s we would love to hear from you to discuss co-operation and collaboration options.

Ask yourself “As part of your business, Do you offer a unique, innovative, holistic approach to health?┬áDo you want to contribute community health improvement and selflessly offer support for those looking for a health positive change?”

Options for our business collaborations include:

-Running and Health Blog Post collaborations.

-#Getitdone Club special guest attendance.

-Reward and Recognition of individuals bringing #thenokkoneffect to your business.

-Social media share 4 share and cross promotion.

-#nokkonrewards giveaway contributions

-Any other innovative options that support our values and #thenokkoneffect.

If you are interested please send us a message on here or our social media accounts.