#GETITDONE CLUB is coming your way. It is an outdoor run and active, holistic health focussed training session designed to be fun, inclusive, social, challenging, rewarding and goal orientated.

We offer something for all levels, including running new comers, with coaches trained to identify your capabilities and tailor our activities to best suit you. Our session plans, coaches and supportive environment will have you enjoying your running, with confidence in no time and meet some amazing people along the way.

We cooperate with training and health professionals and businesses to bring you informative and diverse sessions to challenge your mind as well as your body.

To reward and encourage our attendees we offer a free nokkon #GETITDONE CLUB training shirt after 7 sessions have been attended.  At select “milestone sessions” we have themed sessions where we will issue our attendees iron-on milestone badges. These badges can be self-applied to the back of their nokkon training shirt to show an accumulation of achieved #getitdone club milestones and hard work.


Instructions for milestone badge application using an iron can be found… HERE.



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