#GETITDONE Club 22nd October 2016 Eggcellent

flag2Our first #GETITDONE Club session was held on the beachfront at Port Melbourne on a chilly, wet and windy Saturday morning.

eggcellentIt was a themed milestone session called “Eggcellent” which had our team members holding eggs during the running segments. We focussed on light hand tension to help aid in fluid upper body movements and avoiding muscle tension/tightness that can be associated with clenched fist running. eggsWe had a roaming warm up which lead us from the Spirit of Tasmania to Princes Pier with Butt kicks, Quick feet, high knees and block step ups.

Our running segment was a station to station, self paced, increased intensity interval. At one end of the beachfront boulevard we had our coach Shaun Moore with a series of mystery cones. Underneath these were questions about health and running goals and strategising to achieve these.group-butt-kicks Shaun was also running the segments and helping those along who were new to running or wanted an extra push past their comfort zones. At the other end of the run segment on Princes Pier, our coach Chris Wright was stationed with a series of challenge cones. Underneath were active recovery core strength challenges, which all of our brave team members opted for.  The core strength drills were all designed to be self paced and work with each individuals fitness levels.

group-runWchallenge-conese rounded out the session with Jeff from Radiant Sol Yoga leading us through an informative 30 minute leg and runners tailored yoga session. Jeff bought along some trigger point balls and our team used these to get some great deep muscle release.  Radiant Sol donated coupons to all our attendees for a free in studio yoga session.

And no run club is complete without COFFEE!! so our crew headed to Spuntino, warmed up by the fire place, with a few coffees and more than a few laughs.

Thank you to all our amazing, supportive attendees. All were issued with their Eggcellent milestone badges. In rough weather conditions they took on every challenge,  pushed past their comfort zones to work towards their goals, and still managed to have a laugh and chat. We were lucky to have such an amazing bunch and hope to see everyone back with our future sessions.

And a big thank you to our Ambassador coaches Shaun and Chris for doing their best to ensure our team members had a positive experience, and to Radiant Sol Yoga for providing the perfect cool down session.

Now its time to plan for our next session …….”Tramervals” We hope to see you all there. Check out the great pics below from our session.

happy running












2 thoughts on “#GETITDONE Club 22nd October 2016 Eggcellent

  1. Shaun & Chris – thank you for bringing us together for a challenging and fun-filled session down at Port Melbourne yesterday. It was great to mix up some sprints with other core strength elements, some chat about our goals, and yoga to finish. Very different and very cool! See you all next time 🙂

    1. Paul, Thank you for your kind words. It was so great to have you. It was great to see you enjoying yourself and pushing in the challenges too. Thank you for taking part and really jumping into the session 100%. We will work on something special for you in our next one.

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