Meet the Coaches




Shaun Moore


Our coaches are amazing individuals first and run coaches second.  They are all accomplished runners in their own right who continue to test and develop their training techniques on themselves and each other. They know the importance of personal development and continue to grow as coaches and runners.

From our coaches you can expect warmth, encouragement, inclusivity, support and honesty. All our coaches have differing areas of expertise and strengths, which enables us to pair you with the most suitable coach to help achieve your personalised goals and motivators. Or we can give you a preferred coach at your request. At any point during coaching we can change coaches, to help ensure you get the most effective run coaching and keep our coaches on their toes.

Head Coach Shaun Moore- “As the Head coach of Nokkon my main goal for any athlete is to help them to step outside their comfort zone and realise there true potential. I get the most satisfaction guiding runners of all abilities to achieve goals they originally saw as pipe dreams. We offer a variety of coaching including one on one coaching, online programs, group runs and our 605 AM and PM sessions plus our #getitdone club sessions.”

Chris Wright

Chris Wright- “I love working with my runners, seeing them reach their goals and helping contribute to their personal growth through running. Being able to see a runners true ability and work with them to bring it out is an extremely rewarding connection. I believe in planning well, putting in the time and work to see results, and doing that in the most engaging way possible. In my coaching I use audio, visual and kinesthetic training techniques to best suit our runners learning needs. I want to keep you connected and motivated with your running, and to be their helping you meet your next goal.”