Helping others: The delicate art of motivation

Tblog helphe nokkon effect is an ideology where we selflessly share our health and wellbeing knowledge, experience and time with others. We dedicate and allocate our time to helping, supporting, motivating and encouraging others on their health and wellbeing journey.

Whether it is regularly turning up for training sessions, sharing nutrition books and information or just taking some time to sit and listen to someone struggling with personal problems, it is about making time for others as well as ourselves and reaping the health and wellbeing benefits as a community.

It may be rewarding winning a race but is not just as rewarding as helping a friend or family member enter their first one?

One of the hardest points on our health journeys can be initiating a positive lifestyle change. There is an art to motivating others and if not done correctly may have a negative effect.

In this great article by Dean Anderson, Behavioural Psychology Expert, He discusses  how we can best help and support others make healthy lifestyle choices and continue #thenokkoneffect…………….

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