our ambassadors

NOKKON Ambassadors are those who uphold the NOKKON values and have been nominated as selfless, dedicated and supportive individuals. They help and encourage others of all fitness levels to improve their wellbeing and live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

NOKKON Ambassadors receive NOKKON product benefits, exclusive product test samples and are issued individual discount codes with the ability to give life long discounts to unlimited persons of their choice. And of course NOKKON will do its best to support our Ambassadors in their own involvement and ventures in the fitness, nutrition, sport and health industry.

When our NOKKON Ambassadors encounter people they believe are positively influencing the health of others and upholding the NOKKON values, they have the ability to nominate them as NOKKON Ambassadors. Thus keeping the NOKKON healthy lifestyle effect ever growing and influencing.


Our ambassador team currently consists of:
spcentShaun Ambasschris blog last revchris slide 1Jon Armrory-ambass

Check out their nokkon Bio’s here:

Sarah Penny

Shaun Moore

Chris Wright

Chris Melton

Jon Summers

Rory Wooster

We are always on the look out to expand our ambassador team. So if you know someone living #thenokkoneffect please let us know.