about us

aboutNOKKON is an active lifestyle services and product company. We were developed after reflecting on the origins of our own active lifestyle. We thought about the people who took time out of their own training schedules to help, teach, support and encourage us and the others around them to live healthier. They passed on their knowledge of fitness, nutrition and training to help others improve their physical, mental health and quality of life.

This kind of positive influence had a “knock-on” effect, with those people going on to do the same. This lead to the origin of the NOKKON brand to support these health conscious, selfless, positive people.

NOKKON aims to support those who are out there helping others to live healthier lives. We aim to listen to our active people, so we can source, design, develop, improve and distribute products and services that help improve health results. We want people to have ownership in our products, input into the direction of our company and access to a support network community of like minded team members.

We want to say Thanks to our NOKKON team members with our products and support those who are supporting others.