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Trailproof Mono Skull Cap


Our Trailproof Skull caps are here. These are essential for the fashionable adventurer around the mountain. Smash them on the trails then throw them in the washing machine. No shape loss with durable  💯% Polyester.  These are super lightweight and the perfect fit for belts, packs and pockets.

  • Black, White and Grey palm print
  • #GETITDONE print under Visor
  • nokkon KK logo on front
  • nokkon word on back
  • 3 panel construction
  • 100% Polyurethane flexible visor with shape memory
  • Weighs 27g
  • 1 size fits most
  • 100% Polyester materials




Our #Getitdone club training metronome.

Cadence training can help increase your leg turn over, running efficiency and reduce injuries.

The amount of energy conserved when moving away from a “bounding” run style to a quicker step turnover can help runners improve performance and make running more enjoyable.

It’s an easy tool to integrate into your run training by simply setting your desired cadence (nominally in excess of 180 beats per minute) and aim to foot strike on each beat.

Our metronomes are small, lightweight, discrete. They are super portable whether being carried or clipped onto your clothes, perfect size to get you hoofing at 180 steps per minute.

The settings allow you to change the tempo, volume and time signature.

Easy to use.

Includes headphone jack.

Metronome size: 5.5 x 3.2 x 2.1 cm

Includes x1 3V Cell Battery (CR2032)

Allow 1 week for postage





Purple Trailproof Trucker Cap


Our Trailproof Trucker Caps are the best quality trucker caps you will find. Smash them on the trails then throw them in the washing machine. No shape loss with durable  💯% Polyester Front and 💯% Nylon Mesh Back, plastic moldable bill. Perfect for squashing them into your hydration vest or pack. Cool summer colour fronts with vented backs.

Large Work Out Towel


Large microfibre multi purpose sports work out towel with zip pocket. Perfect for in gym machines and big enough to use as a shower towel.

Yoga Shoulder Bag


Shoulder bag ideal for yoga, stretch, core and gym

Small work out towel


Small, microfibre work out towel with zip pocket

Drink Bottle Pouch


Stainless Steel Drink bottle Pouch