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New Running Shoe Shopping

As runners we have a sickness. A sickness so bad that it requires us to buy as many running shoes as possible and never throw them out, for the off chance we may need a pair of brooks sneakers that have done 1200kms to do the weeding in our garden. With such a selection in running […]

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The foam roller; A runners best friend

As runners we tend to have a love hate relationship with our foam rollers. Loving the recovery results and increased mobility but despising the discomfort, pain and time spent on them after our training sessions. Many of us even opt to use the roller after those training sessions which we deem hard enough to warrant a good […]

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10km: USA’s fastest Woman

There’s fast and then there’s fast. Shalane Flanagan knows how to get it done. Here’s the low down Race= Boston Athletics Association 10km Date= 26th June 2016 Machine= Shalane Flanagan Distance= 10km Time= 30:52 Pace= 3:05 min a km Awesomeness= Off the scale! Read more here at boston magazine.. Shalane Flanagan BAA breaks own record

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